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 Hefei Best Garments co., LTD is given priority to with clothing design, manufacturing and international trade. In creating excelsior professional foreign trade service team at the same time, we are committed to \"integrity, pragmatic, innovative and efficient\" the enterprise idea of through in every link of company's business.We currently have orders, production, quality control, customs declaration, shipment and a series of comprehensive function, make foreign trade network extended to five continents over 60 countries and regions.
Trade varieties have all kinds of textile products, clothing, shoes and hats, bags and light industry etc with Denmark, Russia, Italy and many other well-known company has established good relations of cooperation. In recent years, the company in the adjustment of industrial structure in thinking, bold innovation.Reserve the CAD nesting template customization, professional and technical personnel for personalization, small batch production. Short production cycle and high value-added advantages can meet the needs of all kinds of customers. Products are exported to Europe, Japan, Italy and other countries.Meet customer quality standards of machining processes and production facilities, high quality products, the company's products are exported to overseas.The company has a proficient in domestic and foreign trade business, hard working honest professional talent team, and advancing with The Times, with \"harmony, team, integrity, win-win\" business ideology construction unique corporate culture, continue to develop and create good business team.Company based on scientific development, development, innovation and development, and win-win development, with more considerate service, better products, more high enthusiasm, more harmonious atmosphere of service customers. We sincerely look forward to mutual benefit and win-win, with all the customers hand in hand.

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Addr:1307# Shangcheng Garden no.41 Haitang Rd. Gaoxin district Hefei City Anhui Province China  Tel:13013066333    
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