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Compared to sea orchid house and pioneer designer who can represent Chinese fashion?HALAN
Time:2017-10-24    Source:Compared to sea orchid house and pioneer designer who can represent Chinese fashion?    Views:660
The Shanghai fashion week has passed again, to show the block a few days later, I once again feel fashion practitioners say \"hip\" and the public opinion of fashion, there is a deep chasm.

So no any praise or blame, like a Hollywood symbolizes the great success of commercial film, but no one would deny that niche of the significance of literature and art films, the only audience. After watching a few shows the new taiping lake hall, I again to a few buyers for designers and docking showroom turned a circle, and found that several brands are in widespread use of lace and yarn - white, black. Look at models wearing gauze skirt of bitter fleabane bitter fleabane bud silk jacket and went out, I was reminded of \"fairyfair\" is the most prosperous era.

The home of the billow
Almost a decade ago, the shenzhen women's clothing brand was the main store no shop. In popular, we can say that because Burberry in its February 2017 the lace throughout in the series, make more designers to concerned about the material of this kind of romance. But a showroom of organizing people told me that so many Chinese brands to use the direct reason for this is that the lace and yarn. Lace is not very good control of materials, accidentally will wear tacky, if it is easy to show cheap fabric is not good enough, but it is also the easiest way to meet the material girl heart.
In the Shanghai fashion week, you will be clear to two different categories of brand appeal. A group from the United Kingdom, the United States returned from independent designers, their design is a conceptual, design language and more. From us in the past few years for these independent designers show report feedback, most readers will under article message \"can't understand,\" doubt \"that is the fashion?\" And so on.
But there are readers for independent designers published in a message to tit-for-tat defense, one of our readers wrote: \"can't appreciate, don't force yourself, a lot of luxury is not tagged you also feel ugly, fashion week, many of the clothes is not let you buy, the more is the designer's idea, but you don't like someone like, designers also don't expect you to buy, clothes a lot is draw lessons from the inspiration of fashion week.\" What is a nice dress? The answer to this question is very subjective.
But what is the public can appreciate most clothing, to some extent can be quantified, you only have to see who is the best selling brand is ok. Euromonitor consultant to provide us with some data, China's market share ranking the first clothing company is ling, you are not familiar with it doesn't matter, its brand has only, vero what moda and Jack&Jones, second place is the home of the billow, next is the uniqlo's parent company, fast retailing group. Guo once in the novel the irony of the small times only, and the home of rings to find xiaotian Yin, a series of ads, wu jun photographed, separated for a while can stir up a group of chao on social media. In the business world, however, to our feedback is not the case.
Sea rings home we often \"China market\" in a word, it is a very vast, differentiation within a large market, people in different city life under the influence of information, the living environment, nature of work, the orientation of style also is plural. In 2016, before returning to the a-share listed domestic clothing brand la chapelle, we interviewed the chairman secretary MaoJian la chapelle.
When it comes to how they and ZARA, H&M competition, he said, ZARA, H&M brand in a second-tier cities has inherent advantages, but in three or four line city, the public environment, the public aesthetic also have difference. For some customers in three or four line city, there is no lack of big scoop-back design of ZARA, H&M etc. Some \"too bold\" brand clothes. Average only and vero what moda, very suitable for people who work in office unit or a young school teacher; King to Henry yu's home, there are nine animal husbandry, such as septwolves, although they do not more halfback, but look around you, uncle most dad, isn't it all the year round is trousers for gird polo unlined upper garment, plus a metal belt buckle? Incidentally, nine animal husbandry king trousers are very good to wear, squat down tight, not standing legs, and no tokenistic gesture. Here does not accept advertising, pure experience. It is a big gap, because different customer preferences and this is why in Shanghai fashion week, we see the price, location and style differences so big brand can appear in the same week one of the reasons.
Four big international fashion week, Paris fashion week, London fashion week, milan fashion week, New York fashion week -- brand for income groups and no obvious difference. Then again, market diversification is a good thing, means that anyone can have the opportunity of development. So, back to the title question to answer, is all.
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