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The United States giant Cotton Corp: Chinese dialogue textile industry resurgence positive innovatio
Time:2017-10-24    Source:China apparel network    Views:722
In 2017, China international fabric design contest with the United States Cotton Corp (Cotton Incorporated) for the first time to cooperate, "best quality cotton crafts Award" and "best cotton technology innovation award" jointly established on the basis of routine events, set high quality cotton syndrome innovative products to our textile and apparel fabrics enterprises.
It is understood that the competition together with the United States Cotton Corp set up special cotton product awards, aims to further deepen and promote the development of cotton textile products in the field of subdivision and cotton spinning technology. At the same time, with the guidance and promotion of innovation into the cotton products by cotton fabric trends events, into a new development concept for the cotton textile industry, providing direction lifting technology, and fusion of fashion design thinking to promote the building function, feel, appearance are good, and in accordance with the new areas of the market application of high quality and high additional cotton products the value, in order to meet the more fashion conscious consumer demand, leading the fashion of the cotton products.
China clothing net to interview the United States Cotton Corp Chairman Mr. Hancock Dahlen, the American Cotton Corp president and CEO Berrye Worsham, U.S. Cotton Corp Asia supply chain marketing senior director William Mr. Kimbrell, listen to them for the United States Cotton Corp and the contest jointly views.

Dialogue with us Cotton Corp giants

Mr. Dahlen Hancock, chairman of the Cotton Corp, President and CEO of Cotton Corp Berrye Worsham, USA
Q: how do you evaluate the cooperation between the Cotton Corp and the China International fabric design competition? What are the future initiatives or plans in the joint with the quality platform?
Answer: Chinese international fabric design contest is sponsored by the Federation of Chinese textile industry, textile information center, the national textile product development center and other institutions have 20 years of history, popular and respected international, authoritative professional events, in order to improve the innovation of textile products, strengthen the market competitiveness of textile products. In this respect, and the purpose of the United States Cotton Corp coincide, for many years, the United States cotton is committed to increasing its added value and market competitiveness, thereby increasing the market share of cotton. And the company also saw this tournament international and professional, hope that through the establishment of cotton award in this competition, encourage more Chinese cotton textile enterprises to participate in the enthusiasm and improve the production innovation of cotton products, the more quality of cotton products to the market, for consumers to sustainable healthy lifestyle.
After the two sides' evaluation of the cooperation this year, we look forward to the possibility of continued cooperation with our partners. At the same time, we will look for other opportunities to support the development of China's cotton textile industry.
Dialogue with us Cotton Corp giants
William Kimbrell, senior director of Asia supply chain marketing, Cotton Corp, USA
Q: in this competition, 4 enterprises won the "best cotton handicraft Quality Award" and "the best cotton textile science and Technology Innovation Award". What kind of performance do you think the award-winning products have in the development of cotton textile products?
Answer: according to the evaluation criteria,
The best cotton handicraft Quality Award: in the realization of clothing quality, cotton fabric is the best choice. In the evaluation process, three main aspects of quality are considered. It includes hand feel, not only soft, but also close fitting; visual appearance is very beautiful in all aspects; and performance, such as outstanding drape, etc..

The best cotton spinning technology innovation award with some novel or rare qualities, create a new aesthetic feeling or appearance, or to meet the requirements of today's consumer lifestyle new features and new areas of the market application etc..

Four pieces of fabric the winning both sustainable and innovative, is well deserved.  For example, Jiangsu Jinling vertical stripes woven fabric, smooth handle, with modern simplicity wind, it also has windproof function. Jiangsu Jinling is also a partner of Cotton Corp. Another award winning material comes from Lu Tai, UV resistant and heat preservation. Dinson 100% American cotton fabric reached 2900 twist, with anti-static, anti wrinkle, moisture wicking function. Lutai and topfashion is Cotton LEADS project partners.
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