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News analysis: how does China's clothing industry play the global "friends circle"?
Time:2017-10-24    Source:China apparel network    Views:649
Under the new wave of industrial technology change, China's clothing industry is writing a new era card with innovation. From manufacturing to exporting technology, mode and idea, the way of "going to sea" has changed quietly, and the eyes of the world on Chinese garment industry have changed accordingly.
In 2017 Chinese clothing recently held a summit in Hangzhou, from many countries and regions in the fashion industry, entrepreneurs, scholars believe that China garment industry is market competition for the market of global cooperation, break the circle of friends".
Outline "new manufacturing" business card
"If Chinese clothing is famous for its cost and manufacturing quality, then it adds to the taste of design and fashion." President of the association of India clothing manufacturer Mehta said at the meeting, the design ability and creative clothing industry Chinese hatching speed amazes him, more and more China clothing brand by including India multinational market.
Bid farewell to the traditional manufacturing, China garment industry is through the concept of innovation, technological innovation, model innovation, efforts to reform its face, from selling products to the output of fashion and culture, more and more Chinese brand has the world's "fans", leading the fashion consumption.
In the past New York fashion week, the release of Chinese designer brand TAORAY WANG has caused global fashion buyers and media attention. Simple and generous design complemented by smooth cutting, the Oriental philosophy through color and element collocation embellishment, let this show both oriental charm and international style. Wang Tao, founder of TAORAY WANG brand, believes that Chinese design has long gone from the simple elements of the stack, is the traditional culture of inspiration and global creative docking, more time style.
At present, more and more Chinese designers and brand works appear in the world famous fashion week, fashion show, Chinese brands also accelerate "go out", emerge on the world stage.
In addition to the design, China's garment industry is also consolidating the manufacturing base, and in the field of intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing and other brands. In the transformation of Chinese garment industry in the development of the fashion industry to find the new world.
Exploring broader cooperation
The more we are facing downward pressure, the more we want to find a way out in a broader scope. To seize the construction of The Belt and Road and an opportunity Chinese garment industry to accelerate the going out pace, for the integration of high-quality resources in the global scope, create new competitive advantages.
The State Council Development Research Center, deputy director Long Guoqiang said at the meeting, with resource endowments, the textile industry is "The Belt and Road along the country's production cooperation leading industry, industrial agglomeration is showing the trend of. In addition, the infrastructure interconnection, the continuous improvement of business environment, the accelerated flow of talent capital will create an environment for enterprises to "go out".
China Textile Industry Association report shows that, at present, the initiative of the international layout of enterprises has improved significantly, and the breadth and depth of overseas investment are expanding. In the upstream raw material fabric, cotton yarn production in Vietnam, Huafu color spinning, YOUNGOR, Lutai and other production enterprises a total of more than half of Vietnam; in the field of manufacturing, Ruyi group and other companies are carried out with many countries and regions in intelligent manufacturing cooperation, single mode and the production capacity of close fitting.
Chinese textile industry association president Sun Ruizhe said that the current export of China's textile industry products reached $300 billion in magnitude, with the extension of cooperation mode, regional, more and more enterprises will multinational construction of raw material base, the target market territorial sales brand building and channel development ability will improve.
Local enterprises also achieve common development through cooperation, coordination and complementary advantages." Mehta said.
Co constructing innovative ecosystem
Different from the past, now the clothing industry "sea" is not only the product "going out", the new model, new technology, new ideas also go abroad, in a broader space "rooting" germination".
Ye Shouzeng, founder of the domestic clothing brand, told reporters that with the upgrading of the consumption structure, consumers' cultural and psychological identity of the product is essential. Compared with traditional department stores, the space business model of set clothing, bookstores, galleries and restaurants is more suitable for market demand. Wo to this new business model to Paris, leading the transformation trend.
Processing enterprises no longer make money only, designers can also share the bonus of the whole industry chain. More and more enterprises are exploring the establishment of cross-border cooperation platform, creating collaborative manufacturing model, using "long board" to touch "long board", to enhance product value added. In addition, the experience economy, sharing economy and other modes are also unfolding, and the integration of Chinese culture and local culture also gives birth to more new ideas.
"To" The Belt and Road. For example, countries along with rich cultural and creative resources, will be transformed into productive forces, but also the future development direction of the main garment industry cooperation." Sun Ruizhe said.
He believes that the clothing industry "sea" is from the industrial undertaking into the ecological system construction. Embedded intelligent manufacturing "wisdom of core", "emotional creative ecological environment", "green consumption guarantee sustainable industry", Chinese garment industry will have a broader global "circle of friends", to speed up the transformation of the fashion industry.
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