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"Dalian release" analysis of China's textile and garment industry development status and trends
Time:2017-10-24    Source:China apparel network    Views:616
22, by Chinese Garment Association, Liaoning Province Textile Association, Chinese (Dalian) International Garment & Textile Fair Office co sponsored the 2017 "Dalian release" - Chinese textile and garment industry operation trends and conference in Dalian Expo site held. As Dalian Expo important information publishing platform, 2017 "Dalian release" through the detailed analysis of the economic situation Chinese clothing export garment industry the latest data interpretation and operation of the domestic consumer market characteristics and Global trade pattern, with development of a comprehensive and objective perspective to analyze the industry and development trend.
China Textile Industry Association vice president, executive vice president of China Garment Association Chen Dapeng in "the status quo and development trend of" China garment industry as the theme, released since 2017 China garment industry economic situation. Through the interpretation of production, export, domestic sales, investment, benefits and other data, in-depth analysis of the economic situation of the clothing industry and the main factors affecting the trend of the industry, explore the direction of development of the industry.
Chen Dapeng in the release pointed out that the basic trend of the current development of Chinese garment industry is restructuring and upgrading, innovation and development in Dalian Expo exhibition will be able to see in the practice of transformation development of garment enterprises. Despite a lot of pressure, but as a fully market-oriented industry, the pressure is also promoting the industry to accelerate the transformation. At present, innovation has become the kinetic energy and consensus of the apparel industry. In terms of technological innovation, the application and integration of information technology, material technology, intelligent manufacturing technology, from consumption perception to design, intelligent production to terminal management, the speed of technological innovation is speeding up. In terms of product innovation, product development cycle and fashion cycle are shortened, product evolution is accelerating, product design, quality and variety of innovative vitality. In terms of model innovation, the new economy gives birth to new business models and value creation models, and integrates all the channels online and offline.
Chinese Textile Industry Association, deputy director of the Information Department of statistics in two Liu Xin "operation market apparel exports and consumption China and future" as the theme, released the operation of China clothing market in the first half of 2017, and since 2017 Chinese garment export trade. The retail data as the basis, focusing on changes in consumer preference of China's consumer channels, clothing products, analysis of the operation characteristics of the consumer market, and predict the development trend of garment industry; China export situation and characteristics, analysis of the global garment industry trade situation, clear China opportunities and challenges in the global apparel industry pattern, explore new space for the development of investment and production, develop sales and other international cooperation.
In order to promote the garment enterprises awareness of content marketing, "Dalian publishing" was published for the first time China clothing brand new media and network media influence data list, industrial economics research Chinese Garment Association Deputy Director Dong Jiapeng in the publication, a quantitative evaluation of the use of content linking consumers brand. New media and network communication effect evaluation index to the brand or enterprise wide network (news, micro-blog, WeChat, the main electricity supplier platform) the main platform to promote the corporate brand and product information content as the basis, combined with the public reputation and corporate products in the electronic business platform transaction performance index, propaganda from the news website, micro-blog, WeChat Electric comprehensive evaluation of the three dimensions of enterprise and efficiency.
China Textile Information Center trends researcher Lin Dan also released a "research" 2018-2019 Chinese textile color and fabric trends, from the multiple dimensions of society, economy, culture, art and science, all show the innovation ability and the fashion of the China textile fabric, provides creative inspiration and the latest fashion information for enterprises
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